About the author


My name is Thom Pham, I am an artist, designer, professional tarot reader, and part-time tech guy that enjoys a nomadic life mostly between Bali, Australia, and France.

I was born in France, and was raised in a Vietnamese/Buddhist family but do not consider myself religious. My main influence nonetheless growing up was Zen Buddhism and became interested in Non-Duality teachings when I moved to San Jose, California from France at age 17.

My love for divination tools comes from my mother who always read the Tarot since I was a kid. She used the “Tarot de Marseilles” and also created her oracle system that used chopsticks with strange markings she had put on them. I never understood how it worked still to this day, but hey! It worked for her! And even though I never understood it, I guess in a way it influenced me in my reading style to trust my intuition, my system of symbols, and interpretation rather than what “books” or teachers are saying is the right way to read with divination tools.

My main site for Tarot readings : htttp://heartofstarstarot.com